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A few pet peeves (Repost)

So, when I moved to AL,I learned a lot of things were going to be different and I would have to adapt and/or assimilate my ways quickly.  I started working at a restaurant called Baumhowers as a way to find something to do to keep me busy. I lived on campus for awhile and after doing all the college related things,I got bored easily. I learned a few things really quickly. Two main things that have become part of my pet peeves. One. People in AL take their sports,mainly football,college football seriously and two,Coke is the same thing as Pepsi. This irks me very VERY much. There are some more things that I learned but,we will start with these. 

Scenario–Me:”Hi. Welcome to Wings. What can I get for you to drink”? Guest/s: “I will have a Coke and I will have Sprite”. Me:”We have Pepsi products,is that OK”? Guest/s:”Sure,Coke and a Sprite”. Me: “Pepsi and Serra Mist”? Guest/s: “Whatever”? Now I look like I was being rude and I wasn’t. I might be annoyed that they don’t grasp the concept of Coke and Pepsi being two different products made by two different companies that actually compete against each other. Is this so wrong?
Very few people in AL do not know which football team they pull for. The rivalry there is equivalent to the borough game between the NY Mets and the Yankees. Most places you go, you are asked, Alabama or Auburn? You don’t even have to go there or have gone there to know which team you pull for. At the risk of being ‘foot-in-mouth’ party of one,most of the BAMA fans I dealt with were abrasive and a little rude. They take pride in their choice of being fans of this team and will taunt the more docile Auburn fan. We had a lot of Auburn fans that came into the restaurant that,love the game just as much as the BAMA fan but show it quietly. I myself,have grown to like Auburn,maybe mostly to taunt the BAMA fans but moreso I consider them to have a really great team and really hot players. WAR EAGLE!
The South. To a Southerner,well,some of them at least consider everything above them to be North,technically it is. Most people consider,(NY,NJ,Maine,CT,RI etc.)to be North or geographically Northeast. I lived in Wisconsin for 9 months,as a move by my mother who thought it was a great idea to have her youngest daughter experience some “pre-college” classes. Anyways..the Wisconsinites all called it the “Midwest”,which may or may not encompass Idaho,Nebraska,Iowa,Minnesota etc. But some think it’s North and everyone has a “Northern accent”,the accents are so different in any part of this country. I’ve also learned that,if you are not from the south and don’t have a southern accent,you are told you sound like you are from the north,regardless of where you were born(I get this ALL the time). Someone could be from Canada and they say,”Oh. You are a Northerner,from Wisconsin maybe”? Technically,it is North but I bet the Canadians get offended and would rather someone say,”You must be from Canada” you know,being that it’s a totally different country and all. But
I thank the south and my good friends Britanie and Catherine for introducing me to Biscuits and Gravy(my absolute love),dressing…made with cornbread(which I’ve always hadstuffing,made with bread crumbs),grits…Joe Pesci’s character in “My Cousin Vinny” sums it up best. Kripsy Kreme over Dunkin Donuts. I’m sorry KK has the best glazed donuts ever! Krystals over White Castle. In the South it’s sweet tea and not Iced Tea. I made that grave mistake and was snarled at. 
I can’t forget the North and Midwest though. Great bagels,pizza,hot dogs(the street vendors food. There’s something about the dirty water and dust in the food that make it SOOO good),coffee,high rises,bootlegs off the streets of NY especially,cheeses(shout out to the cheese-heads and cheese curds from WI),snow storms and the good ole’ minding your own business as you walk down the street!
With this just being the tip of the iceberg of pet peeves for me. I am signing off. Until next time! I If you want good reading. Check out this interesting blog about pop vs soda

Kath and Kim (U.S.),interesting TV show

Kath and Kim,is the U.S. version of an Australian TV show which chronicles the relationships of Kath (Molly Shannon) and Kim(Selma Blair) that live in Florida. 

Kathleen “Kath” Day is the mom, 40-something divorcée who finally has time for herself and her valiant search for love. Her daughter, Kimberly “Kim” Day, is in her mid 20’s but dresses like a teenager, constantly eating as a way to console herself, and is obsessed with celebrities. When Kim decides to move back home after separating from her husband, Craig, who works at a Circuit Surplus,a.k.a Circuit City.


Also making their lives complicated are their significant others. Phil Knight, Kath’s boyfriend, is a decent but dorky man in his mid 40’s who owns a sandwich shop at the mall food court and has a difficult time getting along with Kim no thanks to her disapproval of her mother’s relationship. Kim’s husband, Craig Baker, has his hands full trying to deal with her dominating personality which explains their separation. Here’s a clip from the premiere episode


I thought it was funny and it wasn’t very bad humor either. I see some potential but there are already some reviews out there that are essentially, comparing it to the original. They don’t like it, and says, it’s horrible and it probably won’t air in Australia. Why compare it? I don’t think NBC’s intention is to make an exact copy of the Australian version. Is it? They are catering to the American audience and what they may like. Molly Shannon actually played a good mother stuck in what looks like the Olivia Newton-John video,”Let’s Get Physical”.

Night shift at the hopsital

I did my first graveyard shift at the hospital yesterday. Granted,it was a Minor one 7pm to 7am,it was hard none the less. I got there at 6:45pm,clocked in and got my round sheets. We had 22 patients on the floor and it was 3 of us and 2 RN’s. It ended up being a pretty slow night,patient admitting wise,which is always good you don’t really want too many people entering that hospital; that’s GOOD! At at about 11:30pm things slowed down on our floor (there was a code blue-someone went into Cardiac Arrest). We sat around and told weird creepy ghost stories, which creeped me out because I began to remember Nightmare on Elms Street or Friday the 13Th where someone would be running down the hallway of a hospital and no one would be around. I went out into the hallway, down the lobby and there was no one there. Two student nurses entered the front door and walked to Neonatal but that was it. Here’s a shot of it



Creepy empty hallway!

Creepy empty hallway!



I have to get myself and my body adjusted to this shift..quickly. We are starting off with these shifts and working our way up to longer shifts. Ugh! It’s no Grey’s Anatomy or ER. The gossip is the same. Everyone is either divorced,married or sleeping around. People are really nice except one nurse I worked with on day shift Wednesday,even the patients complained about her being difficult and harsh. Just when I thought it was going to get easier,it didn’t. It has,however gotten a lot more interesting. I had to deal with actually knowing someone that was admitted,that didn’t turn out too bad. Working with a troublesome patient that wanted to go AMA( Against Medical Advice) she was 19 but. was there by court order so that kinda over-ruled anything she wanted to do…

Parents and The Olympics

So,I talked to my mom today(she still lives in The Bahamas) for maybe 7 minutes before my sister and my mom got into a huge argument over the phone,forgetting it’s long distance shot my bill through the roof. I did a conference call because my sister’s phone doesn’t do long distance,I don’t know what kind of half assed phone she has…

Long story short. My mom pretty much hung up on us and I didn’t know until we were waiting on a reply from her and I looked at my phone and, there she was, GONE! My mom is short-tempered and very aggressive when she gets angry. My sister is a lot like her and doesn’t know it and it pisses her off when my mom gets loud with her. Like mother,like daughter huh? I’m kinda getting the hang of this blogging thing so much so,that this, is my second one for the night.

I can’t sleep. The Olympics are done so I don’t really have a reason to stay up and watch the replay of the days events. I really centered my life around the Beijing Olympics. Sad? I think not. China rolled out the red carpet and the brown muggy air to show that they are not the China of the past. Really? Darfur? Under-aged gymnasts? Look at that chick and tell me if she doesn’t look 13? I don’t know if they’re like Western world kids(I doubt it) but she should be worrying about sleep overs and horribly subbed “Hannah Montana” episodes than having her name dragged through the international press about an age cover-up! But they say the Westerns are big because they use drugs. Then,why are Asians so small or of short stature? Because they don’t? Maybe it’s the polluted air,it stunts their growth or something but it turns them in athletic machines. Scary.

I can definitely say,China did a clean sweep of diving(all gold medals except one) and their goal to get the most gold medals was a very noble feat. The stories we hear about their athletes training is like boot camp, is a little weird but whatever they do,it works and they have the medals to show for it. As for overall medal count, The U.S. definitely won that round 110 medals! Top 5 countries USA,China,Russian Federation,Great Britian and Australia.

I was always a big fan of the Olympics and I’m sure London won’t let China show them up and they will make Britannia proud in 2012. New York lost to London to host the Olympics…again but Chicago threw a bid in to host in 2016, I’m hoping for a win there. Do I hear road trip?! Their event stadiums had really creative names though. “The Bird’s Nest” where Track and Field was held and The U.S. Men’s and Womens Teams dropped the batons in the semifinals for the 4x100M relay but later showed the world how it’s done in the 4x400M relays. “The Water Cube” where Michael Phelps showed his dominance in swimming and also shut the French relay team up after they were talking smack about how they were gonna take the Americans down! Doesn’t anyone else wonder what goes on in the Olympic Village at night,when all the events are done? Some food for thought.

The beginning

Ok, just a little introduction or exposition if you will, to who I am just to get this thing started. I am a 24 year old Pre-Med Psychiatry student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham(UAB to everyone from the greater Birmingham area). I am originally from The Bahamas(yes,I was born and raised there and will go back when I am done with my schooling). I live in Vestavia Hills with my roommate and friend of 4 years. I work part-time at Wings Sports Grille and I am also a Research Lab Assistant at Sparks Clinic along with working at some other place…

I thought I would give this “blogging” thing a go. I don’t really mind writing but I sure as hell don’t do it as much as I should,it is definitely a stress reliever. It’s Monday at 8:52pm and it has been raining since Saturday(I feel like Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City 🙂 ). The rain makes me lazy..very lazy,that’s a tough thing seeing that we are moving out of this place pretty soon. I hate moving and if it’s raining then,I will be one unhappy person because I don’t want to move all my stuff in the rain. On the other hand, I am a little happy to be moving out of here because we have certainly outgrown this apartment and have acquired so many things over the last 4 years. Also,I have been STUCK in the middle of the most childish relationship I have EVER come across between my roommate and her on again off again boyfriend. Long story. Maybe I will blog about it some other day but friends and co-workers know what I am talking about,it’s time to move on if only for my sanity.

I love her to death. I’m not just saying that to make her or me look better. It’s been a long, tumultuous ride that either of us aren’t willing to go on again. Well,she is,but I’m not. We’ve done so much together and been so many places together that,it’s going to be hard to move on. I can cope a lot better than she can but DAMN…it will be hard for sure. Sigh. Anyways..not to make this too sappy. I think I might keep up with this and make it a lot more interesting in days or maybe even years to come. So long. Until next time, I’m signing out!

Thanks zh3n

(To Zackery he introduced me to social media of all kinds and I want to give him a shout out. Love ya! No British English here,I know how much you hate that. LOL.)