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A little update

So,I’ve been researching iPod/iPhone Medical apps for Medical Professionals and Medical Students. The process is a little slower than I would’ve hoped. I found a few but, a little more trial and error is needed before I compile a list. When I am done I will post it and write a little more. ER Stories, PY rotations and more! In the meantime,you can follow me on Twitter @zh3n.

Twitter for Medical Professionals

I’m back! Still angry maybe, even more now that I’ve been working sooo much. Been twittering a lot mostly from the “jungle” as we call it. You can follow me @zh3n . Anyone who works the ER or in any busy hospital will know what I am talking about. Since,my last post we’ve had a pandemic of swine flu. You can find more on this practically ALL over the internet and most news outlets. We have had NO known cases in Alabama…yet but it’s spreading quite quickly.

I am a little worried because my mom went on a Carnival Cruise to Mexico, Belize and some other destinations that isn’t quite worrying me as her stop in Mexico! They were not cancelling the trip they’ve had planned for months and, can I really blame them? Especially,since Carnival hasn’t issued any concerns neither has any of the Mexican Rivera Resorts. Anyways..I’ve met some really cool and interesting people on Twitter both people in the medical field and out. Great outlet to meet new people!

Found some great medical resources for us Medical Professionals here: Twitter for Medical Profesionals–Networking and Medical Job Search on Twitter by Andrea Santiago from

Enjoy! The angry med student..signing out!


I was introduced to the world of Twitter by my good friend Zack(@zakmo) follow him,he’s a riot! He was,at the time, all about Web 2.0 and what they had to offer. We worked together for,what…3 and half years, at a restaurant that,by the end of each day we would as k ourselves,”Are we STILL working here”? Anyways..he came to me one day and said,”check this site out here’s the link”.

I don’t remember if it was beta or not(I don’t think it was) and I said,”sure,okay”. I went home that night and signed up. At first,it was kind of slow. I didn’t send any tweets and I was following him and he was following me and,that was pretty much it. I laid low from tweeting for awhile and suddenly picked it up again. We tried to get a few people at work to sign up and try it but it never really caught on with them as it did us.

I remember telling my roommate at the time about it and her response was,”Why would I want everyone to see my text messages”. The only answer I had for her at the time was,”psshhh,everyone won’t see your text messages. It’s only those who you follow and those that follow you will see it. If you text private stuff then,they will see it”.

That’s how I explained it at the time because that was my only explain. It wasn’t as big as it is now and she thinks it’s stupid. I find myself tweeting ALL the time now. Once you get started,it’s almost hard to stop. You find yourself tweeting anywhere and about everything! I tweet while I do rounds. At the movies,in line somewhere,airports,airplanes(if you’re on JetBlue or Southwest where the internet is free),surgeons tweeting surgeries LIVE! It’s all pretty exciting.

There are apps,tools,widgets,tweetups,twitter lingo,twitter etiquette and now a “twitter” search. Celebrities,politicians,tv networks,athletes and major companies have ALL jumped on this bandwagon. People network for jobs and some have made really good friends from this new craze. How long will this last? Who knows? For now,twittering what you are doing in 140 characters or less,is what its all about.

Cool Twitter tools part 2

Can’t get enough of Twitter? I know I can’t. Can you believe there are still some folks that DO NOT know what twitter is? My roommate at the time, when I was first introduced to Twitter, she was not interested. She was like,” so everyone sees your text messages”? She wass under the impression that your personal texts are viewed by everyone in the twitterverse! I said,” No. You text what you are doing to select group of people that you want. If you want them to know you’re about to take a shower then,you tweet that if not, don’t send a tweet about it. It’s that simple”!

Found some awesome twitter tools that I’ve been trying out to turn you into the best twit around.

Twuffer For those always on-the-go but still want to find time to send a tweet, try Twuffer. You can schedule your tweets to post to your account hourly, monthly, daily, weekly or any day of your choice.



I am addicted to this one. It includes links @replies and hash codes for searching. Yes! You can search from iTweet. Another cool thing is that it doesn’t require a page reload! You can also see all of your followers and look at those you don’t follow all the time.


With URL shorteners like TinyURL or SnipURL, modifying a long URL address to post via sites like Twitter or even your blog can be a vital tool to have. This is where Twitturly comes in. It takes a URL, shortens it but then, takes it to another level by tracking the URL’s people are tweeting about most on Twitter! Cool enough? I know!



Now. I don’t know how many of you out there actually care about what your Twitter profile and, you as a Twitterer are worth. I particularly don’t but, I tried it out and it was interesting to see what its value was My Twitter is worth $153. Their site also lists the “high valued twitterers” with President Obama sitting at the top of the list!

Power Twitter

This is really cool. This is a Firefox Addon(for those that still use Firefox. I use both Firefox and Chrome). It adds features to your twitter web page such as Flickr and YouTube videos. Anything to make me tweek my page more, I’m in!

Some cool Twitter tools

Searching around,I wanted to find some cool tools to make my twittering much easier and more fun. In my search, I found these interesting apps. Some you might have heard of or used before and others,you might’ve not. First off, a little background for those not familiar with Twitter ,is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.


Some of twhirl’s features:
runs on both Windows (2000/XP/Vista) and Mac OSX
connects to multiple Twitter,, Friendfeed and seesmic accounts
notifications on new messages
shorten long URLs (using snurl, twurl or
cross-post twitter updates to Pownce and Jaiku
post images to TwitPic
search tweets using Twitter Search and TweetScan
timeline filtering
color schemes
automatically checks for new versions


Twitpic is just a good and simple way to post pictures with captions to your personal twitter account. You can post through the website or some third party app like twhirl or Twitterific, for the Apple users. The point is to use this and not have to go somewhere else, post there, then post to twitter or link to twitter.


Basically,Google maps and twitter joined forces so you can update your location and send a tweet about it.


This a powerful but simple service that let’s you do one thing very well: Twitter updates with Video.
Upload from the web, your cameraphone and record from your webcam. That simple, that straightforward, that great! It is still in beta format and has a few bugs but, I’m sure for those that like making videos this, is for you!


You enter your twitter screenname and it searches for other twitterers “supposedly” that are like you based on your updates! I’m on the fence with this one…