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4 quick ways to watch TV and movies online for free

Anyone that knows me,know that I am ALL about things that are free on the Internet. I’m sure a lot folks are but I search out any alternative to getting what I want in a better and easier way that doesn’t involve me spending any money. In my efforts to catch up on all the TV  that I miss either being at work or school, brought me to some sites I can watch my shows and/or movies for free. 

Now,what these sites do, is host links to other video sites that have these shows or movies. The links to the movies, especially the ones that are in theaters may not be great quality. So,if you want great quality,then, go see it at the theaters.  Here are some of my favorites

When I first found this site,it was in beta mode and it was by invite only. The videos on the site were excellent quality but, there was a lot of work to do as far as pausing and playing the videos. It has definitely grown since then. There are more videos and easier to manage players.

Surf the Channel
This site has both TV and movie links. Everything is set up in categories for easy maneuvering. There is a forum and search function. You do not have to sign up to view the videos but you do to comment.

Same as Surf The Channel with similar options.
This one is a classic. It was one of the first ones that you didn’t need an invite for. It has a little bit of everything movies, t.v., music videos, cartoons and documentaries.

Another favorite of mine. Very attractive site and it encourages lurkers(people that just search,find,use and not show support) to become involved in the site. Recommended!

These are just a few of the sites I frequent every now and then to catch up on TV shows. Why have cable when you can use these awesome alternatives right?


Kath and Kim (U.S.),interesting TV show

Kath and Kim,is the U.S. version of an Australian TV show which chronicles the relationships of Kath (Molly Shannon) and Kim(Selma Blair) that live in Florida. 

Kathleen “Kath” Day is the mom, 40-something divorcée who finally has time for herself and her valiant search for love. Her daughter, Kimberly “Kim” Day, is in her mid 20’s but dresses like a teenager, constantly eating as a way to console herself, and is obsessed with celebrities. When Kim decides to move back home after separating from her husband, Craig, who works at a Circuit Surplus,a.k.a Circuit City.


Also making their lives complicated are their significant others. Phil Knight, Kath’s boyfriend, is a decent but dorky man in his mid 40’s who owns a sandwich shop at the mall food court and has a difficult time getting along with Kim no thanks to her disapproval of her mother’s relationship. Kim’s husband, Craig Baker, has his hands full trying to deal with her dominating personality which explains their separation. Here’s a clip from the premiere episode


I thought it was funny and it wasn’t very bad humor either. I see some potential but there are already some reviews out there that are essentially, comparing it to the original. They don’t like it, and says, it’s horrible and it probably won’t air in Australia. Why compare it? I don’t think NBC’s intention is to make an exact copy of the Australian version. Is it? They are catering to the American audience and what they may like. Molly Shannon actually played a good mother stuck in what looks like the Olivia Newton-John video,”Let’s Get Physical”.