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Tipping your servers!

When you’ve worked in a restaurant, you realize that people either tip poorly or not at all,as appose to tipping really really well
(not often). This post is being created because I was talking to some friends earlier and one of them told me that Rachel Ray made some sort of comment about NOT tipping servers. I was completely blown away by this not because I am a HUGE fan of hers but because she should know better! For someone that goes out to eat regularly and, has a show about eating out for $40 a day(which after I got home I looked on the internet about this and apparently,she doesn’t tip well on the show either) and loves the service industry,you would think she has some sort of sympathy for the servers. I always wonder what people are thinking when they come to a restaurant that, opens at 11am, but comes at 10:30am, walk in and wonder why they haven’t been greeted. Really? Or people that sit where they want to sit when there are hosts that are HIRED to take you to a table that is assigned and say,”No. I want to sit here”. The poor host or server has to bite their tongue and say to a server that was to be sat,”Sorry, I didn’t sit you” when there is what people in the restaurant industry call a “server rotation”, which ensures everyone is sat!! What about people that camp out for 3 hours,watch a game and take up a table and say,” Don’t worry we’ll take care of you”. Game is over,get the check which is $175.67 and tip $9.00 or don’t tip at all.

I always say,”servers work for gratuity and not gratitude”. Praise and graciousness is wonderful but if you go to a restaurant, sit at a table and you are abrasive and rude to a server the moment they walk up, you can bet your house that you will get crappy service in return. You expect to be waited on hand and foot with whatever you want and desire and, they try to do their best. Now, on the other hand,if you are seated and you are treated poorly then, you tip accordingly…the norm is 15-20%. Another thing that is very annoying, is that each servers is allotted a certain amount of tables. They get to you as quickly as they can and when a person wants something prepared a certain way or needs certain things,yes…it slows down the service for the other tables. It is your discretion to tip how and what you want but a base of $2.13, as a pay, the tips are really important. Watch Waiting it’s true! This is from a friends group:

People Against People That Tip Under 20% of Their Bill in Restaurants

1. Tip less than 20% (unless server just doesn’t care for the customers)
2. Believe that a compliment such as “You did a great job!” counts as a tip. Sorry people, but compliments won’t pay my bills.
3. Are complete a$$holes to the server for no reason.
4. Blame the server for things he/she cannot control. (e.g. kitchen screwing up the order.)
5. Complain about every little thing possible. ( Haven’t you seen the movie “Waiting”??)
6. Sit at a table for hours, and then don’t tip accordingly.
7. Ask for a separate thing each time the server comes to the table. (Can’t they just ask for it all at once?)
8. Believe that we kiss a$$ for no reason.
9. Think they are better than you just because you are a server and they wear a tie to work.
10. Drink lots of alcohol, and then don’t tip. (We do have to tip out our bartender, you know?)
11. Ignore you when you are greeting the table.
12. Insist on sitting in a booth. (Since when does booth food taste better?)
13. Enter a restaurant with a party of 8 or more and expect to be sat right away.
14. Empty the salt/pepper/sugar/ketchup containers on the table and think it’s funny. (namely teenagers)
15. Can’t grasp the concept of “closed sections”
16. Come in at 3 minutes to closing time.
17. Come in at 3 minutes to closing time and then complain about their food taking too long and/or send their food back. (Once again, haven’t you seen “Waiting”?)
18. Come in before we open.
19. Come in and take their emotions out on their server.
20. Come in large groups, all order water, and only 1 or 2 eat. (Namely teenagers.)
21. Think that they are the server’s only table and they should be waited on hand-and-foot.
22. Have no considerations for other tables.
23. Interrupt the server while that server is at another table taking an order.
24. Snap their fingers or shake their empty glass at a server.
25. Discriminate against their server because of their sex. (i.e. When with a date, women are rude to female servers and men are ruder to male servers)
26. Get mad when there is a $0.50 charge for a side item. It’s 50 cents for Christ’s sake!!

etc., etc., etc…….

Also,check this video out,it’s funny