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The beginning

Ok, just a little introduction or exposition if you will, to who I am just to get this thing started. I am a 24 year old Pre-Med Psychiatry student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham(UAB to everyone from the greater Birmingham area). I am originally from The Bahamas(yes,I was born and raised there and will go back when I am done with my schooling). I live in Vestavia Hills with my roommate and friend of 4 years. I work part-time at Wings Sports Grille and I am also a Research Lab Assistant at Sparks Clinic along with working at some other place…

I thought I would give this “blogging” thing a go. I don’t really mind writing but I sure as hell don’t do it as much as I should,it is definitely a stress reliever. It’s Monday at 8:52pm and it has been raining since Saturday(I feel like Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City 🙂 ). The rain makes me lazy..very lazy,that’s a tough thing seeing that we are moving out of this place pretty soon. I hate moving and if it’s raining then,I will be one unhappy person because I don’t want to move all my stuff in the rain. On the other hand, I am a little happy to be moving out of here because we have certainly outgrown this apartment and have acquired so many things over the last 4 years. Also,I have been STUCK in the middle of the most childish relationship I have EVER come across between my roommate and her on again off again boyfriend. Long story. Maybe I will blog about it some other day but friends and co-workers know what I am talking about,it’s time to move on if only for my sanity.

I love her to death. I’m not just saying that to make her or me look better. It’s been a long, tumultuous ride that either of us aren’t willing to go on again. Well,she is,but I’m not. We’ve done so much together and been so many places together that,it’s going to be hard to move on. I can cope a lot better than she can but DAMN…it will be hard for sure. Sigh. Anyways..not to make this too sappy. I think I might keep up with this and make it a lot more interesting in days or maybe even years to come. So long. Until next time, I’m signing out!

Thanks zh3n

(To Zackery he introduced me to social media of all kinds and I want to give him a shout out. Love ya! No British English here,I know how much you hate that. LOL.)