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Movie flashback: Howard the Duck

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2009 is a better year for many,including myself!
I am on vacation in New York with my dad and his flavor of the month. It’s about 11:10am on New Year’s morning and, we don’t have plans till later. I went on Hulu to check out the new content that was added over the past few days. If anyone has STILL not checked it out please do. This site has allowed viewers(U.S. viewers,not available to anyone outside the U.S. at this moment) to view free streaming video of TV shows and movies for free. Yes,it’s LEGAL! I wrote about it in my my 4 quick ways to watch tv and movie for free

I saw that they added “Howard the Duck”. Quite a bit of people have seen this and some of the ones that haven’t either love it or absolutely hate it. I have seen this movie quite a bit when I was younger. I actually like it’s campiness and the weird vibe of a talking duck, that lives his life as a playa. LOL.
I am going to post two of the comments that Hulu has gotten on this movie over the past few days.

This film is an abomination. The lowest form of crap. It is not just the bottom of the barrel, it is below the barrel. The bottom of the barrel is on top of it. I am shocked that so many people actually enjoy this horrible film. It is a disgrace to the name of filmmaking. Anyone who likes this film is an idiot. No offense, but they clearly have no idea what a good film is. Anyone who has a brain cell in their head will definately hate this film. Do not waste your time.

Or this lovely person that has written a letter to Hulu about them advertise the recent added of the film to their banner. Dearest letter writer:
Hulu advertises ALL TV shows and movies they add to the site on their banner!

Here’s a letter I just sent to HULU:
Dearest Hulu:
I know that convincing owners of content to allow you to post through your portal has been a tough sell, as evidence by the overall quality and quantity of the movies available.
However, even though a relatively new addition, it’s not a really good idea to be hyping the fact that you just added “Howard the Duck” into rotation.
Why? Its one of the worst movies ever made….its almost as bad as Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (but not as campy fun)
1. It isn’t going to get current hulu subscribers excited. It won’t be rallying “the base”
2. It certainly isn’t going to serve as incentive to convince new users to subscribe
3. Hyping HTD has the brief whiff of desperation about it. Perception is Reality.
I love hulu, and can’t wait for content creators to catch up with you!

People are entitled to their opinions and views of any movie or tv show put on there. Why do people think they were FORCED to watch the content that Hulu has so graciously allowed us to view? The content on there may not be recent especially, if you want to view movies and maybe,the list of movies to watch is a little sparse and B-rated like “The Toxic Avenger”, “Bloody Mallory” or “The Thing”. That was the 80’s! The movies that were made and produced for the 80’s is what it is. I can name quite a few of them that I sat and watched. It might not have seemed silly or stupide them, but they are made the 80’s an era of ” I can’t believe I used to watch that!” or ” What was I thinking when I wore that”?.
I talked about “The Pirate Movie” in an earlier post that I liked and, I watched it again a few days ago and I laughed to myself, thinking why did I like this movie? I look at it now and, the acting wasn’t great, the dancing was sub par and the storyline was corny…but I still LOVE it! What other era can you get these types of movies call it “cheesy” and say,“this is a classic” all in one sentence? We can surely thank George Lucas for this movie


Does anyone remember this movie?

We were sitting around work the other day, talking about movies. We got on the subject of musicals and the really old ones(well not too old. Most people I know are kids of the late 80’s early 90’s) that we watched when we were younger. I brought one particular movie up and, maybe, two other people were like, “Yeah. I remember that”!
Now, I will admit. It was cheesy and musicals, have definitely come a long way since this one. In fact, we don’t get many musical now-a-days that are worth seeing. The children today like “High School Musical” and that’s about the only one I can think of off the top of my head.

Anyways, this movie is called, The Pirate Movie”

I once thought, I only remembered one person from this movie, Kristy McNichol because she was on the tv show Empty Nest and, last I heard, she’s retired from acting altogether. While researching more of this movie, I realized the guy from “Blue Lagoon” played her love interest! I never really knew his name except that he was the really cute, half-naked, curly-haired kid that took “Brooke Shields'” virginity away in the movie! LOL.

Here’s a clip of the final scene called,”Happy Ending”

There are, of course more clips of this movie on youtube and this DVD can be purchased at Amazon. Yes. I searched for it!

Disney Movies of the Past: A walk down memory lane.

I was watching Turner Classics Movies(TCM) on Sunday and, airing was a documentary called, “The Age of Believing: The Disney Live Action Classics”about Disney movies of the past. It was narrated by Angela Lansbury, who is a Tony winner and a three-time Oscar nominee. Angela Lansbury is probably most known and recognized from her work as Mrs. Jessica Fletcher from Cabot Cove in the hit TV show,“Murder She Wrote”.

The documentary featured interviews from actors/actresses that starred in some of the classics Dick Van Dyke, Kurt Russell, Lesley Ann Warren and Karen Dotrice. It also features Roy E. Disney and clips of Walt Disney himself, working hard to get Walt Disney Studios to what it has become today. What I am gonna to do today, is refresh your memory on some of these classics. I didn’t think twice about these movies movies until I watched this documentary that brought up memories! Disney has definitely shaped how some of the family movies are made today.

The Swiss Family Robinson(1960) is shipwrecked en route to a new life in New Guinea following a horrible night at sea. The parents and their three sons, find themselves deserted on an island with no rescue in sight. The Robinsons quickly learn to adapt to life on the beautiful island, but danger is never far away as the family copes with bad weather, deadly wild animals and pirates who have threaten the paradise the Robinsons have made for themselves. Here’s a clip from the movie:

Anaconda Attack

Pete and the Dragon Pete’s Dragon (first released on November 3, 1977) is a live-action/animated musical feature film from Walt Disney Productions. It is a live-action film but its title character, a dragon named Elliott, is animated. It is about a young orphan named Pete (played by Sean Marshall) who enters a small fishing community in Maine in the early 20th century. His only friend is a dragon, Elliott (voiced by Charlie Callas and animated by Don Bluth), who also acts as his sentinel. Elliott can make himself invisible and is generally visible only to Pete, which occasionally lands Pete in trouble with the locals.

Pete’s Dragon

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a 1971 musical film produced by Walt Disney Productions which combines live action and animation; it premiered on October 7, 1971. It is based upon the books The Magic Bed Knob; or, How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons and Bonfires and Broomsticks, by Mary Norton. It stars Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson.
The film has similarities to Mary Poppins (1964): combining live action and animation and partly set in the streets of London. They share cast and crew members, namely Tomlinson, supporting actor Reginald Owen, songwriters the Sherman Brothers, director Robert Stevenson, art director Peter Ellenshaw, and music director Irwin Kostal.

The Gnome Mobile

The story opens with the children’s grandfather, D.J. Mulrooney (Walter Brennan), a well-known executive officer of a vast timber-trading company. D.J., an eccentric and passionate man with a distinctive snore, as well as vast dedication and determination, has bought up a preserve of ancient virgin forest to show his descendants the majesty of the Redwood trees. In order to meet with business clients in Seattle, D.J. takes his personal, customized Rolls-Royce Phantom II on a trip, picking up his grandchildren and taking them to a part of his forest en route. In a brief conversation with his Company Head of Security, Ralph Yarby (Richard Deacon), we learn that the car was purchased after D.J. earned his first $1 million.

The Apple Dumpling Gang

The Apple Dumpling Gang is a 1971 novel by Jack Bickham, about a group of orphaned children during the California gold rush. They encounter a gambler who reluctantly helps them, as well as a pair of hapless robbers who are after the gold the children have found.


Con-artist Harry Bundage (McKern) believes that there is a great treasure at Candleshoe, the large country estate of Lady St Edmund (Hayes).
Harry recruits American Casey Brown (Foster)—a street kid—into the plot, employing her to pose as Lady St Edmund’s granddaughter, the Honourable Margaret, 4th Marchonesse of St. Edmond, who disappeared as a baby after her father died in a car crash. Lady St Edmund, however, is poor and owes money in back taxes. Priory (Niven), her butler (who is forced to pose as a gardener, chauffeur and gentleman Colonel), and some local orphan children help keep the estate finances one step ahead of the government by selling produce made on the estate. All of this happens unknown to Lady St Edmund. Initially Casey enters the con attempting to find the location of the treasure; but her affections gradually turn towards that of the household and Lady St Edmund. She eventually joins them in their quest to uncover Lady St Edmund’s treasure for the benefit of Candleshoe, rather than for Bundage.

Mary Poppins

We all know the plot of this favorite. Parents have two kids that pretty much run off every nanny they’ve had. The kids write a description of what type of nanny they would be happy with and , maybe, they would not “get rid” of this one. I noticed, while writing this blog, the children in this movie is also in “The Gnome Mobile” as well! Disney keepin’ it all in the family,similar to“The Sound of Music” except with no Nazis!(not a Disney Movie,produced by FOX)

The Hulu Awards week 3!

Before I get started on this weeks’ nominees, I will try and break down the nomination process that was thought of by the creator of these awards. Each of the panelists chooses their nominees for the categories. We email our choices to the creator. He, then, takes the ones that were nominated the most, put them in a category and we vote for the top 5. Then, we take that five into consideration and pick the best ONE out of that group! For example, in the Sports Programming category the final 5 are American Gladiators, Firsthand, NHL, Ninja Warrior and A Shot at Glory. My final pick was American Gladiators of course! Seems simple enough right? The process is a lot longer and tedious than I originally thought.
Sports was hard because I’m not that big of a sports fan and I found it hard to watch some of the clips! This was week 1. I will keep you updated on the previous winners as well, as soon as the winners are announced!

Now. This weeks’ categories. These are just movies that are on Hulu. They range from fairly recent to really old movies, you will see what I am talking about in just a moment.

Best Horror movie(1-4 nominees)

28 Dyas Later
Amityville II: The Possesion
Bloody Mallory
Brutual: The Black Water Valley Killer
The Car
Curse of Alcatraz
The Curve
Dark Fields: Farmer Brown
Dressed to Kill
Drive Thru
Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Horror Express
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Naked Lunch
Near Dark
Nine Lives
The Thing
The Toxic Avenger
When A Stranger Calls

My picks were
28 Days Later
When A Stranger Calls
Amityville II: The Possession

Best Documentary Feature(1-3 nominees)
Split: A Divided America
Hoop Dreams
Africa: The Serengeti
Australia: The Land Before Time
Burger Town
Cosmic Voyage
Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia
Fighter Pilot: Operations Red Flag
The Great American West
The Greatest Places
Ocean Oasis
Search for the Great Sharks
Jackass 2.5
Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project
One funny Hick-spanic
The Original Latin Divas of Comedy
The Payaso Comedy Slam
Heart of Geauxld: The Story of the 2007 LSU Fighting Tigers
Paul Mooney’s: Analyzing White America
Storefront Hitchcock
The Pride of the Yankees

My choices
Split: A Divided America
Dinosaurs: The Giants of Patagonia
Search for Great Sharks

The last category was very VERY hard. We do watch every clip to decide on our favorite. In this category. I looked at every title and watched the ones that interested me by the title alone. Needless to say, there was a lot of ones I didn’t like.

Best Dramatic Short

Hulu All 37 choices are there. I chose:
Happy(which begs the question, How well do we really know the ones closest to us?)
Between the Flags(How many people does it take to start a riot?) This was suppose to be a comedic short, dramedy,if you will.
Not What I Expected(twisted and musical view about online dating)

Also, check out Matt’s blog Thehuluman
He got us all started with this and asked a select group people to be apart of the first online video awards process!!