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So,I’ve been blogging for maybe, 2 months now. I recently came over to wordpress and I can’t find any themes I like,so I am constantly changing to find something I can settle with. I am getting frustrated with it because I am having some issues adding a new theme from somewhere else. I found some widgets that I want to put on there but, that’s not working too well for me either. Maybe I’m just blog design illiterate. and I should just leave it alone for now and,hopefully, it all comes together.

The thing is. I can’t just leave it alone. I want it done and I want it to look good. I mean,I’m not doing it for monetary value or anything,just fun…something for me to do when I get mad or bored.  I’m going to try not to let it bother me because it’s not rocket science. It can’t be too hard,right? Nah,of course not. Ok. This one will be really short tonight..