Hulu Awards…final votes

#1: Award Winners

Best Talk and Interview Show
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Best Informational Show
National Geographic Channel

Best News Show
NBC Today Show

Best Television Network
20th Century Fox Television

Best Movie This is REALLY tough for me because I actually like them all. Let’s do a breakdown starting with
Night of the Living Dead–yeah it’s old,campy,cheesy and some bad acting but this movie was a little bit scary when I saw. I was younger then but,it changed the way horror films where made back then. There have been tons of wannabe zombie movies since then, even remakes that this film set the tone for. You can’t beat the 80’s zombies, I mean take a good look at Thriller by MJ. He set the tone for music videos which in turn made music videos something to be watched and not just listening to the songs,his zombies were fantastic!

Raising Arizona–yes Nicholas Cage can be funny,at least he was in this movie. He might look a little weird sometimes and I am still trying to get over the fact that he named his son “Kal-El”, Superman’s Kryptonian name(yes I am a Superman fan). Classic comedy two near-do-wells trying to make do with what they have Holly Hunter and Nicholas Cage did a fantastic job. With quotes like,”Biology and prejudices of others conspired to keep us childless” and “You mean you busted out of jail? No ma’am,we released ourselves on our own recognizance. What Evelle is trying to say is that the institution had nothing to offer us anymore”, how could you NOT like this movie?!? Yes. I have seen it quite a few times.

Ghostbusters–The one and only ghost themed movie that isn’t really a scary,gruesome flick. It has mostly comedic elements, classic 80’s stars and a hit song,what more do you want?

Some Like It Hot–One of only two Marilyn Monroe movies I’ve seen the other being “The Seven Year Itch”. I have always heard that she wasn’t a very good actress and it was her looks that got her by and that may very well be true but I thought she was good enough in this movie and it was good for what it was. I don’t think she was wanting an Oscar nomination well,I don’t know that but the movie was interesting and it kept my attention and it did well. It might’ve been then “I wanna be loved by you” song she sang in it…

Men In Black–who would’ve thought that, two men trying to keep the world and New York safe from aliens would be so entertaining. Will Smith has very few flops and this wasn’t one of them. The had some memorable performances from some notable actors Tony Shalhoub,the pawn shop owner, Vincent D’Onoforio as Ed who eats the farmer and Rip Torn as Chief Zed. This movie was funny and had great action scenes. Of course, Will gave us a hit song with a catchy line. Do we expect anything less from him?

Best Television Show (scripted)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer– this started my love and obsession with supernatural shows. From this, I have grown to like Charmed, Angel and Joss Whedon, the creator. Buffy inspired a generation of ass-kicking chicks that can go to school,have a life and save the world at the same time. Who said we couldn’t multi-task? Not too sure on the supernatural relationship tho,seems like way to much heartache,you know people from past relationships from the 1800’s,traumatizing to say the least. But Buffy is and will always be a great scripted show in my eyes. The storylines were great. The cast looked great but ,most of all the action was never disappointing!

Best Unscripted Television Show
The Biggest Loser

#2: Proposed Nominees–this clips category was broken down in to 3 subcategories to compensate for the large number of nominees. We had to chose 10 nominees

Best Comedic Clip(SNL)
Bronx Beat
Dick in a Box
Mom Jeans
Coin Slot

Movie Clips
Shaun of the Dead: Girl in the Garden
Home Alone: Shopping
Robin Hood Men in Tights: Men in tights

TV Clips
30 Rock: Jenna on Hardball
Golden Globes 2009: 30 Rock Tina wins

Best Clip (non-comedy)(7 nominees)
Field of Dreams: People will come
The Presidential Inauguration: Obama’s Inauguration
Psycho: The Shower scene
The Usual Suspects: Interrogation
My Cousin Vinny: Expert Witness
The Usual Suspects: Keyser Soze Story
Scarface: Say Hello to My Little Friend


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