Toss your remote: Is cable and satellite TV becoming obsolete?

In today’s time of recession and economic whoas, things like cable and satellite are becoming something of a luxury that is NOT, needed anymore. I personally have been watching TV on the internet since my freshman year in college. Granted, it just started back then(which wasn’t very long ago) but it has completely advanced since then. I started with what is called an ed2k client and links. The links are used to denote files stored on a P2P network. The main client used is eMule. The typical ed2k link includes the filename and file size and looks like this

Typically,you go to a p2p site,search for a tv show,movie or software you would like to download,click on it and it will open up in the eMule client and start downloading. Now, in my experience, this takes a much longer time to download. Through my efforts, trial and error I came upon torrents. Torrents,in my opinion, are smaller files that can be downloaded to a torrent client, in a shorter time frame. Check this out about Torrents. There are MANY torrent sites and torrent clients. I chose uTorrent because it’s not a space hog. You can go through the list and find which ones you like and choose to your liking.

Since torrents,hundreds of sites have popped up that stream videos. I can go on for days about the number of sites that you can watch and catch up on your favorite TV show and/or classic TV shows and movies. You can check out my previous blogs 4 Quick watch to watch TV and movies online for free and Free ways to watch TV and movies online part 2. With these sites, you don’t really need cable or satellite because whatever airs,will ultimately be placed on torrent, ed2k or streaming sites the very next day! They are beneficial because most of them are ad free. I say MOST because the network sites, ABC, CBS,FOX etc. show ads on their players(just one commercial and in some cases,the same commercial over and over again). Keep in mind. TV is not completely dead even though studios and networks are airing their contents through things like Netflix and their own sites. The question is, Can you go without Cable TV even though what you watch on your TV set is readily available online?


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