Movie flashback: Howard the Duck

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2009 is a better year for many,including myself!
I am on vacation in New York with my dad and his flavor of the month. It’s about 11:10am on New Year’s morning and, we don’t have plans till later. I went on Hulu to check out the new content that was added over the past few days. If anyone has STILL not checked it out please do. This site has allowed viewers(U.S. viewers,not available to anyone outside the U.S. at this moment) to view free streaming video of TV shows and movies for free. Yes,it’s LEGAL! I wrote about it in my my 4 quick ways to watch tv and movie for free

I saw that they added “Howard the Duck”. Quite a bit of people have seen this and some of the ones that haven’t either love it or absolutely hate it. I have seen this movie quite a bit when I was younger. I actually like it’s campiness and the weird vibe of a talking duck, that lives his life as a playa. LOL.
I am going to post two of the comments that Hulu has gotten on this movie over the past few days.

This film is an abomination. The lowest form of crap. It is not just the bottom of the barrel, it is below the barrel. The bottom of the barrel is on top of it. I am shocked that so many people actually enjoy this horrible film. It is a disgrace to the name of filmmaking. Anyone who likes this film is an idiot. No offense, but they clearly have no idea what a good film is. Anyone who has a brain cell in their head will definately hate this film. Do not waste your time.

Or this lovely person that has written a letter to Hulu about them advertise the recent added of the film to their banner. Dearest letter writer:
Hulu advertises ALL TV shows and movies they add to the site on their banner!

Here’s a letter I just sent to HULU:
Dearest Hulu:
I know that convincing owners of content to allow you to post through your portal has been a tough sell, as evidence by the overall quality and quantity of the movies available.
However, even though a relatively new addition, it’s not a really good idea to be hyping the fact that you just added “Howard the Duck” into rotation.
Why? Its one of the worst movies ever made….its almost as bad as Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (but not as campy fun)
1. It isn’t going to get current hulu subscribers excited. It won’t be rallying “the base”
2. It certainly isn’t going to serve as incentive to convince new users to subscribe
3. Hyping HTD has the brief whiff of desperation about it. Perception is Reality.
I love hulu, and can’t wait for content creators to catch up with you!

People are entitled to their opinions and views of any movie or tv show put on there. Why do people think they were FORCED to watch the content that Hulu has so graciously allowed us to view? The content on there may not be recent especially, if you want to view movies and maybe,the list of movies to watch is a little sparse and B-rated like “The Toxic Avenger”, “Bloody Mallory” or “The Thing”. That was the 80’s! The movies that were made and produced for the 80’s is what it is. I can name quite a few of them that I sat and watched. It might not have seemed silly or stupide them, but they are made the 80’s an era of ” I can’t believe I used to watch that!” or ” What was I thinking when I wore that”?.
I talked about “The Pirate Movie” in an earlier post that I liked and, I watched it again a few days ago and I laughed to myself, thinking why did I like this movie? I look at it now and, the acting wasn’t great, the dancing was sub par and the storyline was corny…but I still LOVE it! What other era can you get these types of movies call it “cheesy” and say,“this is a classic” all in one sentence? We can surely thank George Lucas for this movie


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  1. Zackery on

    I love Howard the Duck… It was so weird.

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