Hulu Awards Week 7

Best Movie Comedy

Best Comedy TV Show
Saturday Night Live

Best Comedic Short
How To Cope With Rejection

Best Short Format Series (Non Comedy)
Pink: The Series

#2: Proposed Nominees

Best Dramatic TV Series
Chicago Hope
Party of Five
Picket Fences
The Riches

Best Dramatic Movie
Broken Arrow
Sleepless in Seattle
Requiem for a Dream
Behind Enemy Lines
Of Mice and Men

Best Short Format Comedy
The All for Nots
My Long Distance Relationship

#3: Exciting New Categories– This week, we’re getting cartoonish. There are four new categories, but one of them has so few eligible movies that we’re fast-tracking it past the proposed nominee stage. So, when we vote for Best Family Movie, we will be determining the actual nominees.

Best Family Movie
Dunston Checks In
Hans Christian Anderson
Hercules in New York
Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie
The Karate Kid Movie
The Karate Kid II
The Karate Kid III
The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
SpeedRacer: The Movie

My choices:
The Karate Kid Movie
The Karate Kid II

Best Anime Series
Astro Boy
Blue Gender
Death Note
Ikki Tousen
Kiddy Grade
Moon Phase
Mr. Stain on Junk Alley
Shikabane Hime
Speed Racer

My choices:
Astro Boy

Best Cartoon Series (non anime)
The Adventures of John McCain and the Straight Talk Express
American Dad
Angry Kid
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Family Guy
Jackie Chan Adventures
The Karate Kid
King of the Hill
Mr. Patel
Pink Panther Cartoons
Problem Child
The Simpsons
Sitting Ducks
Wallace and Gromit: Cracking Contraptions
Woody Woodpecker(new)

My choices:
American Dad
Family Guy
The Simpsons
Woody Woodpecker

Best Animated Short All 37 shorts can be found here Hulu Animated Shorts

My choices:
The Tooth
The Unwanted Gift
My Date From Hell
Nun Fight Club

Remember you can check out all nominees for this week and the previous weeks at thehulureview. You can also cast your votes on that site of you don’t like my votes! Happy reading!


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