Cool Twitter tools part 2

Can’t get enough of Twitter? I know I can’t. Can you believe there are still some folks that DO NOT know what twitter is? My roommate at the time, when I was first introduced to Twitter, she was not interested. She was like,” so everyone sees your text messages”? She wass under the impression that your personal texts are viewed by everyone in the twitterverse! I said,” No. You text what you are doing to select group of people that you want. If you want them to know you’re about to take a shower then,you tweet that if not, don’t send a tweet about it. It’s that simple”!

Found some awesome twitter tools that I’ve been trying out to turn you into the best twit around.

Twuffer For those always on-the-go but still want to find time to send a tweet, try Twuffer. You can schedule your tweets to post to your account hourly, monthly, daily, weekly or any day of your choice.



I am addicted to this one. It includes links @replies and hash codes for searching. Yes! You can search from iTweet. Another cool thing is that it doesn’t require a page reload! You can also see all of your followers and look at those you don’t follow all the time.


With URL shorteners like TinyURL or SnipURL, modifying a long URL address to post via sites like Twitter or even your blog can be a vital tool to have. This is where Twitturly comes in. It takes a URL, shortens it but then, takes it to another level by tracking the URL’s people are tweeting about most on Twitter! Cool enough? I know!



Now. I don’t know how many of you out there actually care about what your Twitter profile and, you as a Twitterer are worth. I particularly don’t but, I tried it out and it was interesting to see what its value was My Twitter is worth $153. Their site also lists the “high valued twitterers” with President Obama sitting at the top of the list!

Power Twitter

This is really cool. This is a Firefox Addon(for those that still use Firefox. I use both Firefox and Chrome). It adds features to your twitter web page such as Flickr and YouTube videos. Anything to make me tweek my page more, I’m in!


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  1. Zackery on

    I’m so glad you’ve found these. Go to my post about Twitter and leave a comment with your URL.


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