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Does anyone remember this movie?

We were sitting around work the other day, talking about movies. We got on the subject of musicals and the really old ones(well not too old. Most people I know are kids of the late 80’s early 90’s) that we watched when we were younger. I brought one particular movie up and, maybe, two other people were like, “Yeah. I remember that”!
Now, I will admit. It was cheesy and musicals, have definitely come a long way since this one. In fact, we don’t get many musical now-a-days that are worth seeing. The children today like “High School Musical” and that’s about the only one I can think of off the top of my head.

Anyways, this movie is called, The Pirate Movie”

I once thought, I only remembered one person from this movie, Kristy McNichol because she was on the tv show Empty Nest and, last I heard, she’s retired from acting altogether. While researching more of this movie, I realized the guy from “Blue Lagoon” played her love interest! I never really knew his name except that he was the really cute, half-naked, curly-haired kid that took “Brooke Shields'” virginity away in the movie! LOL.

Here’s a clip of the final scene called,”Happy Ending”

There are, of course more clips of this movie on youtube and this DVD can be purchased at Amazon. Yes. I searched for it!


Disney Movies of the Past: A walk down memory lane.

I was watching Turner Classics Movies(TCM) on Sunday and, airing was a documentary called, “The Age of Believing: The Disney Live Action Classics”about Disney movies of the past. It was narrated by Angela Lansbury, who is a Tony winner and a three-time Oscar nominee. Angela Lansbury is probably most known and recognized from her work as Mrs. Jessica Fletcher from Cabot Cove in the hit TV show,“Murder She Wrote”.

The documentary featured interviews from actors/actresses that starred in some of the classics Dick Van Dyke, Kurt Russell, Lesley Ann Warren and Karen Dotrice. It also features Roy E. Disney and clips of Walt Disney himself, working hard to get Walt Disney Studios to what it has become today. What I am gonna to do today, is refresh your memory on some of these classics. I didn’t think twice about these movies movies until I watched this documentary that brought up memories! Disney has definitely shaped how some of the family movies are made today.

The Swiss Family Robinson(1960) is shipwrecked en route to a new life in New Guinea following a horrible night at sea. The parents and their three sons, find themselves deserted on an island with no rescue in sight. The Robinsons quickly learn to adapt to life on the beautiful island, but danger is never far away as the family copes with bad weather, deadly wild animals and pirates who have threaten the paradise the Robinsons have made for themselves. Here’s a clip from the movie:

Anaconda Attack

Pete and the Dragon Pete’s Dragon (first released on November 3, 1977) is a live-action/animated musical feature film from Walt Disney Productions. It is a live-action film but its title character, a dragon named Elliott, is animated. It is about a young orphan named Pete (played by Sean Marshall) who enters a small fishing community in Maine in the early 20th century. His only friend is a dragon, Elliott (voiced by Charlie Callas and animated by Don Bluth), who also acts as his sentinel. Elliott can make himself invisible and is generally visible only to Pete, which occasionally lands Pete in trouble with the locals.

Pete’s Dragon

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a 1971 musical film produced by Walt Disney Productions which combines live action and animation; it premiered on October 7, 1971. It is based upon the books The Magic Bed Knob; or, How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons and Bonfires and Broomsticks, by Mary Norton. It stars Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson.
The film has similarities to Mary Poppins (1964): combining live action and animation and partly set in the streets of London. They share cast and crew members, namely Tomlinson, supporting actor Reginald Owen, songwriters the Sherman Brothers, director Robert Stevenson, art director Peter Ellenshaw, and music director Irwin Kostal.

The Gnome Mobile

The story opens with the children’s grandfather, D.J. Mulrooney (Walter Brennan), a well-known executive officer of a vast timber-trading company. D.J., an eccentric and passionate man with a distinctive snore, as well as vast dedication and determination, has bought up a preserve of ancient virgin forest to show his descendants the majesty of the Redwood trees. In order to meet with business clients in Seattle, D.J. takes his personal, customized Rolls-Royce Phantom II on a trip, picking up his grandchildren and taking them to a part of his forest en route. In a brief conversation with his Company Head of Security, Ralph Yarby (Richard Deacon), we learn that the car was purchased after D.J. earned his first $1 million.

The Apple Dumpling Gang

The Apple Dumpling Gang is a 1971 novel by Jack Bickham, about a group of orphaned children during the California gold rush. They encounter a gambler who reluctantly helps them, as well as a pair of hapless robbers who are after the gold the children have found.


Con-artist Harry Bundage (McKern) believes that there is a great treasure at Candleshoe, the large country estate of Lady St Edmund (Hayes).
Harry recruits American Casey Brown (Foster)—a street kid—into the plot, employing her to pose as Lady St Edmund’s granddaughter, the Honourable Margaret, 4th Marchonesse of St. Edmond, who disappeared as a baby after her father died in a car crash. Lady St Edmund, however, is poor and owes money in back taxes. Priory (Niven), her butler (who is forced to pose as a gardener, chauffeur and gentleman Colonel), and some local orphan children help keep the estate finances one step ahead of the government by selling produce made on the estate. All of this happens unknown to Lady St Edmund. Initially Casey enters the con attempting to find the location of the treasure; but her affections gradually turn towards that of the household and Lady St Edmund. She eventually joins them in their quest to uncover Lady St Edmund’s treasure for the benefit of Candleshoe, rather than for Bundage.

Mary Poppins

We all know the plot of this favorite. Parents have two kids that pretty much run off every nanny they’ve had. The kids write a description of what type of nanny they would be happy with and , maybe, they would not “get rid” of this one. I noticed, while writing this blog, the children in this movie is also in “The Gnome Mobile” as well! Disney keepin’ it all in the family,similar to“The Sound of Music” except with no Nazis!(not a Disney Movie,produced by FOX)

Chicken shacks, the islands’ KFC

There is something I’ve been missing lately something, I can’t get here in the U.S. because it’s uniquely indigenous to the Caribbean, but I will be talking about The Bahamas, specifically, my island…Nassau. Well, some of the stuff can be made but it won’t taste the same if it’s not from what we call a “Chicken Shack”. A chicken shack is a small hut, building or in one case, I saw an old school bus transformed into a little sit-down diner, where you can get food ranging from burgers to seafood.

Honey Dew Cafe

Blue Food Hut

All of these “shacks” or “shanties” have interesting names like, “Honey Dew Cafe”, “Rosalies”, “The Bamboo Shack”(one my favorites) or “Dirtys”. You can get $0.99 breakfast and choose from a variety of dishes on a menu that can include an egg and cheese sandwich, fried bologna sandwiches or tuna salad and grits. You can get lunch or dinner where the menu is a cornucopia of island dishes, as well as some America style food tweaked to make it our own. Many of the shacks are open from 12 noon til 3am!

The most popular thing you can get at these places is called a, “chicken in da bag”, and it’s exactly what it is. It’s fried chicken, your choice of breast or thigh, a mound of fries and a dinner roll. They ask you if you want it “all-the-way” which basically means hot sauce and ketchup. They wrap it in wax paper or aluminum foil(wax is most popular) and shove it in a brown paper bag! All of this cost between $4.50-$5.50, depending on what part of the island you bought it from.

Big Mama's Takeaway

If you go to the “Fish Fry” in Nassau, it’s like a Crawfish Boil minus the crawfish, that’s held on the beach and, is on the western side of the island. There is a light house(I don’t know how long it’s been there) and canons left by Blackbeard,an English pirate that made Nassau his stomping grounds during the golden age of piracy. Argh! Surprisingly, I remember some of this stuff from Caribbean history! Fish is caught daily cooked anyway fried, boiled or grilled. Local staple “conch” which I might add, is definitely an acquired taste! The most popular way to cook it is deep fried. If I eat it, I cover mine with lots of ketchup. My mom like to steam hers. Anyways, conch is quite expensive on it’s own and lots of people never knew there was an animal in the conch shell! LOL.

The people that work at these places are very friendly. They are usually old ladies and their sons. I’ve even seen a kid I don’t know maybe 12 or 13, free diving for lobsters and fish, bringing it back on dock, clean and cook it in front of my eyes! There are always stories to tell and they are usually tales of pirates, treasure hunting and voodoo. Ahh! Island life. Simple, slow-paced and a friendly atmosphere makes you wanna stay forever.

Traveling can be…no IS expensive especially, if you don’t really know where to go. These huts are made to make things easy and affordable so, if you can’t get a good seafood dinner or whatever you like from an average restaurant which, can run you about $12 to $15. Hop in your rental car and drive down the road on any island, and stop by a shack and get some food. I guess you can liken these to the silver carts on the streets of NYC or other major citys in the U.S. that sells hot dogs and pretzels. There’s something about street vendor food that is SOOO good and hard to resist!

Medical reference sites for medical students

Recently, I was looking for some medical reference sites and some sites for medical student research. I came upon some only through another med student who was talking about his day in the medical program. Jackson Chung, full-time medical student and part-time blogger wrote about these reference sites Medical Reference Sites for medical students

Social networking sites- A new way to screen Medical student applicants?

This is a pretty interesting article although, worrisome. I’m sure most of us have been to one or two out-of-control parties and, post our pictures on facebook or myspace. Well. Here’s an article that says, maybe that is NOT good idea! The Student Doctor Network. It asks the question. Is it Ok, to post your good/fun times on any profile that is NOT private without taking into consideration that it may cost you a job? Guess I need to at least, post an appropriate profile picture!

First time drawing a patients blood

The other night, it was my turn to draw blood from a patient at the hospital. Now. We’ve all practiced on dummy hands and feet or fruit but, never on an actual patient. We all took the Phlebotomy Class, sat through a drab lecture and watched the long videos. We could do it “Grey’s Anatomy” style and practice on ourselves, which I’m told use to be done but not anymore. I’m thinking that might’ve actually not been a problem for me because at least we would’ve real patient experience.

We draw blood and do labs at a certain time because by then, especially when a patient has just been admitted, we wait for all their paperwork to come in. I go in this patients room at 6:15 am, hoping she was an early raiser. She usually is but not that morning. I wake her up and I say,” Hey Mrs. So and so. We need to get some blood drawn for testing”. She’s cool about it and sits up in the bed.

So, I get all my stuff ready butterfly needle(awesome needle that actually looks like a butterfly with a retractable needle to prevent sticking oneself), two tubes(with the right colored tops), cotton, band aid and tourniquet. I tie her arm waiting for a vein to pop up. Usually, she’s a pretty good stick and it takes no effort to get her blood, not that morning! I tap her arm, veins pop up and as I go to stick her, the vein moves. It’s called “Rolling veins”. I do it again and, as I go to hold her vein in place with my thumb, I see it move again! I finally move to the other arm, doing the same thing I did with the previous arm.

On the left arm, the good vein just so happens to be at the corner of her arm. I stick the needle in there, go down as far as I needed and boom, blood comes out into the tube that I attached to the butterfly needle. As I grab the band aid, while holding the cotton over the stick, I tell her not to move before I put it on there. Somehow she flinches and the needle slides out before I pull the tubing to retract the needle and her blood drips on her pajamas and bed sheets!

So,not only did I have trouble getting her blood on my first try, she flinches and her blood goes everywhere. I’m thinking,”GREAT. I must look like a total idiot”! Now I’m nervous about drawing blood and people flinching. My confidence has been shot and I will probably freeze up the next time. No matter how nervous I am, I am suppose to walk into that room and act like I have been taking blood for years. Never mind you getting a kid or someone that does NOT like needles screaming and wiggling around while you’re trying to draw blood thrown on top of my confidence being shot. That doesn’t help at all!

A little something from zakmo

My bestie Zackery, a PR student and budding Media Consultant, wrote a blog on Students Blogging. He writes that students that are blogging are doing it for more than just fun. It also doubles as a press release for an Awards show that we are both involved in and, it’s the beginning of what I think is going to be a fantastic start to something that will hopefully,grow to be wonderful for our online experiences.

For more information, contact:
Zackery Moore


In a Bad Economy, Blogging becomes more than a Hobby
Soon-to-be college graduates blog for fun and experience

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – At first glance, Antonice Louis, 24, and Zackery Moore, 22, would appear not to have much in common. Louis is a native Bahamian with a “no nonsense” attitude, while Moore is a native Alabamian with a thick Southerner’s accent. Besides both being college students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Louis and Moore have their own blogs; Louis writes The Angry Pre-med Student and Moore writes making a PRofessional. And with each passing credit hour, Louis and Moore are getting closer to leaving college and entering an uncertain economy on the hunt for their first job.

“The economy didn’t scare me at first,” says Moore, “but the more I hear about it from friends, family and professionals, the more nervous I’m becoming. And I know finding my first job is going to be hard.” That is one reason why Moore started making a PRofessional, a blog for college students about becoming a public relations professional. “When I’m competing for a job, I hope that having making a PRofessional in my portfolio will separate me from the rest.”

Louis says, “I’m loving this whole thing. Writing my own blog has been fun, but I think it shows that I can start a project on my own and take on full leadership. And I’ve been able to network with other people who love blogging.” The Angry Pre-med Student’s content is varied and could be about the fun ways to catch-up with a favorite television show online in one post and be about taking a road-trip to see the Northern Lights in another.

Louis and Moore met while working in a restaurant and have become best friends. “I think we accidentally encouraged each other to start blogging, I’m not really sure whose idea it was first,” Moore said.

Louis and Moore have this as advice to students about social media in general:

1. Be careful about what you say about whom. Moore had a bad experience where a former employer saw a negative post about his time at the business. “That’s definitely a bridge I won’t be able to cross again, but it worked out in a serendipitous way. I don’t encourage anyone else to risk it.”
2. Don’t just blog about your life. Louis says, “Only your mother cares about what you had for lunch. You should write about current events and trends if you want to show a potential employer.” She says if you want to use it professionally, you should write about topics that interest more than your friends and family.
3. The numbers count. Moore says that having regular posts can show that you have initiative, but it sounds better if you can back up your blog with numbers. “Blogger and WordPress both have features that allow you to track page views. And you can ‘cross-pollinate’ on other social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to draw people to your blog.”

It’s not quite done yet but it gives you an idea of what he’s getting at. I told him I would read it for him and tell him if anything is off. So far, It’s GOOD!

zakmo: making a PRofessional

Hulu Awards Week 7

Best Movie Comedy

Best Comedy TV Show
Saturday Night Live

Best Comedic Short
How To Cope With Rejection

Best Short Format Series (Non Comedy)
Pink: The Series

#2: Proposed Nominees

Best Dramatic TV Series
Chicago Hope
Party of Five
Picket Fences
The Riches

Best Dramatic Movie
Broken Arrow
Sleepless in Seattle
Requiem for a Dream
Behind Enemy Lines
Of Mice and Men

Best Short Format Comedy
The All for Nots
My Long Distance Relationship

#3: Exciting New Categories– This week, we’re getting cartoonish. There are four new categories, but one of them has so few eligible movies that we’re fast-tracking it past the proposed nominee stage. So, when we vote for Best Family Movie, we will be determining the actual nominees.

Best Family Movie
Dunston Checks In
Hans Christian Anderson
Hercules in New York
Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie
The Karate Kid Movie
The Karate Kid II
The Karate Kid III
The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
SpeedRacer: The Movie

My choices:
The Karate Kid Movie
The Karate Kid II

Best Anime Series
Astro Boy
Blue Gender
Death Note
Ikki Tousen
Kiddy Grade
Moon Phase
Mr. Stain on Junk Alley
Shikabane Hime
Speed Racer

My choices:
Astro Boy

Best Cartoon Series (non anime)
The Adventures of John McCain and the Straight Talk Express
American Dad
Angry Kid
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Family Guy
Jackie Chan Adventures
The Karate Kid
King of the Hill
Mr. Patel
Pink Panther Cartoons
Problem Child
The Simpsons
Sitting Ducks
Wallace and Gromit: Cracking Contraptions
Woody Woodpecker(new)

My choices:
American Dad
Family Guy
The Simpsons
Woody Woodpecker

Best Animated Short All 37 shorts can be found here Hulu Animated Shorts

My choices:
The Tooth
The Unwanted Gift
My Date From Hell
Nun Fight Club

Remember you can check out all nominees for this week and the previous weeks at thehulureview. You can also cast your votes on that site of you don’t like my votes! Happy reading!

Cool Twitter tools part 2

Can’t get enough of Twitter? I know I can’t. Can you believe there are still some folks that DO NOT know what twitter is? My roommate at the time, when I was first introduced to Twitter, she was not interested. She was like,” so everyone sees your text messages”? She wass under the impression that your personal texts are viewed by everyone in the twitterverse! I said,” No. You text what you are doing to select group of people that you want. If you want them to know you’re about to take a shower then,you tweet that if not, don’t send a tweet about it. It’s that simple”!

Found some awesome twitter tools that I’ve been trying out to turn you into the best twit around.

Twuffer For those always on-the-go but still want to find time to send a tweet, try Twuffer. You can schedule your tweets to post to your account hourly, monthly, daily, weekly or any day of your choice.



I am addicted to this one. It includes links @replies and hash codes for searching. Yes! You can search from iTweet. Another cool thing is that it doesn’t require a page reload! You can also see all of your followers and look at those you don’t follow all the time.


With URL shorteners like TinyURL or SnipURL, modifying a long URL address to post via sites like Twitter or even your blog can be a vital tool to have. This is where Twitturly comes in. It takes a URL, shortens it but then, takes it to another level by tracking the URL’s people are tweeting about most on Twitter! Cool enough? I know!



Now. I don’t know how many of you out there actually care about what your Twitter profile and, you as a Twitterer are worth. I particularly don’t but, I tried it out and it was interesting to see what its value was My Twitter is worth $153. Their site also lists the “high valued twitterers” with President Obama sitting at the top of the list!

Power Twitter

This is really cool. This is a Firefox Addon(for those that still use Firefox. I use both Firefox and Chrome). It adds features to your twitter web page such as Flickr and YouTube videos. Anything to make me tweek my page more, I’m in!

The Hulu Awards week 6

Our FINAL casts for last week’s nominations has come down to the wire. We now have to cast ONE vote for each of the categories.

Final vote for Best Competitive Reality Show
The Biggest Loser

Best Non Competitive Reality Show
America’s Most Wanted

Best Celebrity Driven Reality Show
Kitchen Nightmares

Top 5 for Best Movie Comedy
Bring It On
Jerry Maguire
Liar Liar
Raising Arizona

Top 5 for Best TV Comedy
30 Rock
The Office
Saturday Night Live
Family Guy
Kath and Kim

Top 5 for Best Comedic Short
Non Fat
Laid Off
12 Ways To Say I’m Sorry
Shaolin Delivery Boy
Dentally Disturbed

New Categories for this week!(1-4 nominees)
Best Dramatic TV Series
Another World
As The World Turns
Burn Notice
Chicago Hope
The Dresden Files
Easy Money
Equal Justice
Friday Night Lights
Guiding Light
Hart to Hart
John Doe
Kojak 2004
LA Dragnet
Lipstick Jungle
Murder One
New Adam-12
New Dragnet
The O.C.
One Tree Hill
Party of Five
Picket Fences
Pink: The Series
The Practice
The Riches
Sons of Anarchy
The Starter Wife
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Tequila and Bonetti

My choices:
Chicago Hope
Party of Five
The Practice

Best Dramatic Movie(1-5 nominees)
The Amateur
The Barbarian and the Geisha
Basic Instinct
Behind Enemy Lines
Beloved Infidel
The Best of Everything
Between Heaven and Hell
Blue Juice
Blue Steel
Broken Arrow
Buffalo Bill and the Indians
Captain from Castille
Code of Silence
Cigarettes and Coffee
Finding Forrester
Flesh and Bone
For Love Of the Game
The Great Train Robbery
Hemingway’s Adventure of a Young Man
Heroes (the movie)
In The Heat of Night
In the Mix
The Karate Kid
Killing Zoe
Kiss the Bride
Legends of the Fall
Lost Highway
Lost in Translation
The Madness of King George
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Miracle Maker
Moby Dick
Nobody’s Fool
Of Mice and Men
Open Your Eyes
Quest for Fire
Requiem for A Dream
Rob Roy
Saints and Soldiers
Sense and Sensibility
Sleepless in Seattle
Spy Game
Star Maps
State Property
The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three
Von Ryan’s Express

My picks
Behind Enemy Lines
Broken Arrow
Blue Steel
Requiem for a Dream
Sleepless in Seattle

Best Short Format Comedy(1-3 nominees)
The All for Nots
Behind the Star
Carpet Bros
Dorm Life
Douchebag Beach
Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show
Hot hot Los Angeles
The Line
Mr. Justice and Powerful Girl
My Long Distance Relationship
Owen Benjamin Presents
The Rascal
That Guy
The Writers Room

My choices:
The All for Nots
Dorm Life

Best Short Format Series(Non- Comedy)
30 Days of Night: Blood Trails
30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust
LG15: The Resistance
Devil’s Trade
Foreign Body
Gemini Division
The Hills Are Alive
Pink: The Series
Prom Queen
Satacracy 88

My choices:
30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust
Prom Queen
The Hills Are Alive

Happy voting!!