The Hulu Awards week 3!

Before I get started on this weeks’ nominees, I will try and break down the nomination process that was thought of by the creator of these awards. Each of the panelists chooses their nominees for the categories. We email our choices to the creator. He, then, takes the ones that were nominated the most, put them in a category and we vote for the top 5. Then, we take that five into consideration and pick the best ONE out of that group! For example, in the Sports Programming category the final 5 are American Gladiators, Firsthand, NHL, Ninja Warrior and A Shot at Glory. My final pick was American Gladiators of course! Seems simple enough right? The process is a lot longer and tedious than I originally thought.
Sports was hard because I’m not that big of a sports fan and I found it hard to watch some of the clips! This was week 1. I will keep you updated on the previous winners as well, as soon as the winners are announced!

Now. This weeks’ categories. These are just movies that are on Hulu. They range from fairly recent to really old movies, you will see what I am talking about in just a moment.

Best Horror movie(1-4 nominees)

28 Dyas Later
Amityville II: The Possesion
Bloody Mallory
Brutual: The Black Water Valley Killer
The Car
Curse of Alcatraz
The Curve
Dark Fields: Farmer Brown
Dressed to Kill
Drive Thru
Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Horror Express
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Naked Lunch
Near Dark
Nine Lives
The Thing
The Toxic Avenger
When A Stranger Calls

My picks were
28 Days Later
When A Stranger Calls
Amityville II: The Possession

Best Documentary Feature(1-3 nominees)
Split: A Divided America
Hoop Dreams
Africa: The Serengeti
Australia: The Land Before Time
Burger Town
Cosmic Voyage
Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia
Fighter Pilot: Operations Red Flag
The Great American West
The Greatest Places
Ocean Oasis
Search for the Great Sharks
Jackass 2.5
Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project
One funny Hick-spanic
The Original Latin Divas of Comedy
The Payaso Comedy Slam
Heart of Geauxld: The Story of the 2007 LSU Fighting Tigers
Paul Mooney’s: Analyzing White America
Storefront Hitchcock
The Pride of the Yankees

My choices
Split: A Divided America
Dinosaurs: The Giants of Patagonia
Search for Great Sharks

The last category was very VERY hard. We do watch every clip to decide on our favorite. In this category. I looked at every title and watched the ones that interested me by the title alone. Needless to say, there was a lot of ones I didn’t like.

Best Dramatic Short

Hulu All 37 choices are there. I chose:
Happy(which begs the question, How well do we really know the ones closest to us?)
Between the Flags(How many people does it take to start a riot?) This was suppose to be a comedic short, dramedy,if you will.
Not What I Expected(twisted and musical view about online dating)

Also, check out Matt’s blog Thehuluman
He got us all started with this and asked a select group people to be apart of the first online video awards process!!


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