Free ways to watch TV and movies online part 2

Here’s a new list of movies and TV sites.  Enjoy! This site is mainly for movies, mostly recent movies. Basically, search for the movie you want. Click a link and watch it. Again. Keep in mind, the more recent movies may not be DVD quality but they’re good enough for watching. If you’re looking for pristine quality and audio, I suggest going to the theater or waiting for the DVD release.

Alluc This site has everything. Movies, television shows, documentaries, cartoons and Sports programming! Very nice site. Everything categorized by pictures and clips. This site also has a variety of viewing programming! This is a DIVX site which means you download their media player to watch these specifically coded videos. This site carries old as well as recent videos. One of my favorites!

You can also check out the major TV networks websites for episodes previously shown. Some of them only have limited shows they air on the websites but it’s good enough! They do have commercials but they are not as comprehensive as you sitting and watching the actual station on your televison set. If you have a slow connection or you don’t want to wait to download it, try

ABC They have their own episodic player you must download. Great quality, of course. Just like watching it own your home TV set.

NBC NBC has classic TV shows on here like The A Team, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Miami Vice. They also carry webisodes, which are shows that may or may not have been created just for the internet or episodes of a TV show that have not been aired on tv due to cancellation or it was too risky for tv.

CBS Similar to the other major network sites. Limited episodic viewing; just a few shows available. Use the latest version of Mozilla or IE for viewing. Not available for Google Chrome

KidsWB WB cartoons available from Scooby Doo to Batman along with some games. For the kids and the kid at heart. I still watch cartoons myself!! Also not available with Chrome

Happy viewing!!


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