Parents and The Olympics

So,I talked to my mom today(she still lives in The Bahamas) for maybe 7 minutes before my sister and my mom got into a huge argument over the phone,forgetting it’s long distance shot my bill through the roof. I did a conference call because my sister’s phone doesn’t do long distance,I don’t know what kind of half assed phone she has…

Long story short. My mom pretty much hung up on us and I didn’t know until we were waiting on a reply from her and I looked at my phone and, there she was, GONE! My mom is short-tempered and very aggressive when she gets angry. My sister is a lot like her and doesn’t know it and it pisses her off when my mom gets loud with her. Like mother,like daughter huh? I’m kinda getting the hang of this blogging thing so much so,that this, is my second one for the night.

I can’t sleep. The Olympics are done so I don’t really have a reason to stay up and watch the replay of the days events. I really centered my life around the Beijing Olympics. Sad? I think not. China rolled out the red carpet and the brown muggy air to show that they are not the China of the past. Really? Darfur? Under-aged gymnasts? Look at that chick and tell me if she doesn’t look 13? I don’t know if they’re like Western world kids(I doubt it) but she should be worrying about sleep overs and horribly subbed “Hannah Montana” episodes than having her name dragged through the international press about an age cover-up! But they say the Westerns are big because they use drugs. Then,why are Asians so small or of short stature? Because they don’t? Maybe it’s the polluted air,it stunts their growth or something but it turns them in athletic machines. Scary.

I can definitely say,China did a clean sweep of diving(all gold medals except one) and their goal to get the most gold medals was a very noble feat. The stories we hear about their athletes training is like boot camp, is a little weird but whatever they do,it works and they have the medals to show for it. As for overall medal count, The U.S. definitely won that round 110 medals! Top 5 countries USA,China,Russian Federation,Great Britian and Australia.

I was always a big fan of the Olympics and I’m sure London won’t let China show them up and they will make Britannia proud in 2012. New York lost to London to host the Olympics…again but Chicago threw a bid in to host in 2016, I’m hoping for a win there. Do I hear road trip?! Their event stadiums had really creative names though. “The Bird’s Nest” where Track and Field was held and The U.S. Men’s and Womens Teams dropped the batons in the semifinals for the 4x100M relay but later showed the world how it’s done in the 4x400M relays. “The Water Cube” where Michael Phelps showed his dominance in swimming and also shut the French relay team up after they were talking smack about how they were gonna take the Americans down! Doesn’t anyone else wonder what goes on in the Olympic Village at night,when all the events are done? Some food for thought.


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