A little update

So,I’ve been researching iPod/iPhone Medical apps for Medical Professionals and Medical Students. The process is a little slower than I would’ve hoped. I found a few but, a little more trial and error is needed before I compile a list. When I am done I will post it and write a little more. ER Stories, PY rotations and more! In the meantime,you can follow me on Twitter @zh3n.


Twitter for Medical Professionals

I’m back! Still angry maybe, even more now that I’ve been working sooo much. Been twittering a lot mostly from the “jungle” as we call it. You can follow me @zh3n . Anyone who works the ER or in any busy hospital will know what I am talking about. Since,my last post we’ve had a pandemic of swine flu. You can find more on this practically ALL over the internet and most news outlets. We have had NO known cases in Alabama…yet but it’s spreading quite quickly.

I am a little worried because my mom went on a Carnival Cruise to Mexico, Belize and some other destinations that isn’t quite worrying me as her stop in Mexico! They were not cancelling the trip they’ve had planned for months and, can I really blame them? Especially,since Carnival hasn’t issued any concerns neither has any of the Mexican Rivera Resorts. Anyways..I’ve met some really cool and interesting people on Twitter both people in the medical field and out. Great outlet to meet new people!

Found some great medical resources for us Medical Professionals here: Twitter for Medical Profesionals–Networking and Medical Job Search on Twitter by Andrea Santiago from About.com

Enjoy! The angry med student..signing out!


I was introduced to the world of Twitter by my good friend Zack(@zakmo) follow him,he’s a riot! He was,at the time, all about Web 2.0 and what they had to offer. We worked together for,what…3 and half years, at a restaurant that,by the end of each day we would as k ourselves,”Are we STILL working here”? Anyways..he came to me one day and said,”check this site out here’s the link”.

I don’t remember if it was beta or not(I don’t think it was) and I said,”sure,okay”. I went home that night and signed up. At first,it was kind of slow. I didn’t send any tweets and I was following him and he was following me and,that was pretty much it. I laid low from tweeting for awhile and suddenly picked it up again. We tried to get a few people at work to sign up and try it but it never really caught on with them as it did us.

I remember telling my roommate at the time about it and her response was,”Why would I want everyone to see my text messages”. The only answer I had for her at the time was,”psshhh,everyone won’t see your text messages. It’s only those who you follow and those that follow you will see it. If you text private stuff then,they will see it”.

That’s how I explained it at the time because that was my only explain. It wasn’t as big as it is now and she thinks it’s stupid. I find myself tweeting ALL the time now. Once you get started,it’s almost hard to stop. You find yourself tweeting anywhere and about everything! I tweet while I do rounds. At the movies,in line somewhere,airports,airplanes(if you’re on JetBlue or Southwest where the internet is free),surgeons tweeting surgeries LIVE! It’s all pretty exciting.

There are apps,tools,widgets,tweetups,twitter lingo,twitter etiquette and now a “twitter” search. Celebrities,politicians,tv networks,athletes and major companies have ALL jumped on this bandwagon. People network for jobs and some have made really good friends from this new craze. How long will this last? Who knows? For now,twittering what you are doing in 140 characters or less,is what its all about.

Possible career move?

Being placed in the ER on my rotations has been fantastic! Why I say that is because I know like the hectic pace and THE absolute craziness of it. I am,by trade and PY medical student and we have been placed in different departments and I have grown to love the ER.

Dare I say it. I think I want to become an ER doctor! Ack! I said it! Here’s an example. A patient was wheeled in that was in a car accident. Patient “A” had a collapsed lung,spitting blood complaining about chest pains,and I immediately wanted to do the most difficult thing we had to do. I have yet to do a Tracheotomy. I don’t know if I will get to do it anytime soon because that takes training…lots of it. I’ve seen it being done and I would love to do it one day.

If I can keep that rush going when I am saving lives then, that’s what I want ALL the time!

My weekend

I was off this weekend from the hospital and it was great! It was also my birthday (Friday the 13th) and I didn’t want to have to work anyways. I got off work at 7:30am the morning of my birthday and all I had on my mind was sleep.

I got home and hit the sack and I heard my phone ringing. It was the first of my friends arriving into town. She said,”hey I’m just calling you to say I’m on my way”. I said,”Ok”. As soon as I hung up, I was asleep again. I don’t know how long it took her to get here but, it seemed like 2 minutes. She was knocking on the door because I forgot I locked it, and I said,”Wow,didn’t you just call me?”

My day started as soon as she got here. I was excited…because she doesn’t live here anymore and as much as I would love for her to move back,something…rather someone,is holding her back. Anyways…we went and met another friend at he mall,she has the cutest boy I have ever seen. She will be the second one of my friends with a child,the other one has a son on the way.

While I am taking time out to be a doctor and the hospital has literally becomes my 2nd home my friends are having babies. Well everyone is having kids. There is an alarming amount of pregnant women around lately. Must be that time of year.

My birthday ended with my friends and I renting a hotel room because we got locked out of my place,and spending the night there! It was fun even though I was a bitch and I complained because me not getting any sleep,starting kicking my ass. By then, I had officially been awake for 22 hours straight!

I appreciate my friends…a lot. They are some of the best I have ever had. Britanie, we are like day and night…we are complete opposites. I think we get along great because of it,that friendship is 5 years strong. She’s the party person. Stays up all night, very open,likes to talk to people and make friends. She talks to anyone,like a naive child that is too trusting. She takes care of everyone and leaves herself out. We argue about that a lot she’s always sick and puts everyone first and herself last.Good quality but she complains that no one appreciates what she does. I do!

Jamie James(it’s what I call her)…she went and got a family. LOL. I can’t hate her for it. She was ready to settle down,married a guy and became a step mom. More power to her! She’s coming back in town next month so we can all get together and have a girls’ night or two. All-in-all,I had a fantastic weekend and it’s sad that it had to end so quickly. I hope everyone had a great weekend or however you spent yours, I hope it was enjoyable.

The angry pre-med student, signing out!

The ER and rules

So,I got to work last night and they were short staffed. They pulled myself and two other interns to be techs for the first part of the night. I don’t care what anyone says, being a tech is hard work. They do just as much as we do and even more. They round, draw blood,chart and take vital signs, you give credit where credit is due!


(Yes,that’s me and those are my navyblue scrubs. Just got in from work)

I worked with some cool people last night and kinda wanted to give them a shout out(they know who they are). After a few hours of being a tech,I was told to go and help out in the ER. I get there and there was trouble off the top. There was a CODE:Brown because they were having issues with an elderly lady. She was brought in by the ambulance that was called by her family.
They said,”we have been trying to give her some medication but she has been fighting us”. I just wanna say, that the elderly, are pretty strong. I was pushed by a 67 year old and I stumbled backwards and almost hit the floor.
There is always something going on in the ER. I can almost guarantee that, my night will be eventful. It’s fast-paced,hectic and I get an adrenaline rush. So when I was pushed by that lady, I gained my footing and by the time I ran to get a shot, security was involved so there were four more people in the ER getting in my way on top of someone else yelling in another room(I don’t know why).
The shot was given,she finally calmed down in maybe 5 minutes. We treated her and transfered her to another floor. That was just the start of my night; went to the PY ward and came into contact with another lady. There is snack time on the floor before the patients go to bed. So we helped put snacks out and, being the weekend, the food was limited because food service delivers Monday morning or something.
Anyways,one of the ladies was standing in the middle of the hallway and I saw that she had dropped a few things that she had planned on eating. It turns out,she had been hoarding the snacks like she was hibernating!
I said, “ma’am you can’t take all the food off the cart because there are other patients that have to eat as well and there has to be enough snacks for everyone”. She had all this food wrapped up in her jacket and said,” her family needed to eat”. How do you respond to that except to say, again “ma’am you can’t take all the food”.
She was NOT happy with me and she yelled and screamed at me. I am governed by rules that will NOT allow in me to feel certain emotions or take things personal. It’s hard..it’s really hard but if I expect to get through my nights or days and my career as a doctor, I have to use these rules. Now, I am not saying be stoic or harsh, but show emotions accordingly. It took everything in me to not get mad at the lady that pushed me.
People come into a hospital everyday needing and wanting help. Not matter our political views or our opinions, we made a choice to serve, help and hopefully fix things and make people feel better. I take that with me everyday.


I know. I know. I’ve haven’t been THE best blogger lately. I’ve been really busy. Just got back in the country Monday night from a trip to The Bahamas. The hospital has been keeping me REALLY busy and have learned that x-rays, are NOT my friend! I don’t have a keen eye for it yet. Luckily that won’t be my forte! I still need to train myself to spot abnormalities.

Some guy told me and 3 other interns that he wanted an adult to work on him. I swear I’ve seen that on an episode of ER or Grey’s Anatomy… something. Who knows really. People have their preferences and,if he thinks we look like 13 year olds then, what am I to do, I just walked away.

I’ve been trying to forgive some people and be a lot nicer but I always turn out to be the bad guy. What’s up with that? I was told I should let it go and forgive. Easier said than done when you feel you’ve been wronged and whatever you do goes unnoticed.

Anyways… new year. New choices. I will try to blog A LOT more and keep it interesting!

Hulu Awards…final votes

#1: Award Winners

Best Talk and Interview Show
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Best Informational Show
National Geographic Channel

Best News Show
NBC Today Show

Best Television Network
20th Century Fox Television

Best Movie This is REALLY tough for me because I actually like them all. Let’s do a breakdown starting with
Night of the Living Dead–yeah it’s old,campy,cheesy and some bad acting but this movie was a little bit scary when I saw. I was younger then but,it changed the way horror films where made back then. There have been tons of wannabe zombie movies since then, even remakes that this film set the tone for. You can’t beat the 80’s zombies, I mean take a good look at Thriller by MJ. He set the tone for music videos which in turn made music videos something to be watched and not just listening to the songs,his zombies were fantastic!

Raising Arizona–yes Nicholas Cage can be funny,at least he was in this movie. He might look a little weird sometimes and I am still trying to get over the fact that he named his son “Kal-El”, Superman’s Kryptonian name(yes I am a Superman fan). Classic comedy two near-do-wells trying to make do with what they have Holly Hunter and Nicholas Cage did a fantastic job. With quotes like,”Biology and prejudices of others conspired to keep us childless” and “You mean you busted out of jail? No ma’am,we released ourselves on our own recognizance. What Evelle is trying to say is that the institution had nothing to offer us anymore”, how could you NOT like this movie?!? Yes. I have seen it quite a few times.

Ghostbusters–The one and only ghost themed movie that isn’t really a scary,gruesome flick. It has mostly comedic elements, classic 80’s stars and a hit song,what more do you want?

Some Like It Hot–One of only two Marilyn Monroe movies I’ve seen the other being “The Seven Year Itch”. I have always heard that she wasn’t a very good actress and it was her looks that got her by and that may very well be true but I thought she was good enough in this movie and it was good for what it was. I don’t think she was wanting an Oscar nomination well,I don’t know that but the movie was interesting and it kept my attention and it did well. It might’ve been then “I wanna be loved by you” song she sang in it…

Men In Black–who would’ve thought that, two men trying to keep the world and New York safe from aliens would be so entertaining. Will Smith has very few flops and this wasn’t one of them. The had some memorable performances from some notable actors Tony Shalhoub,the pawn shop owner, Vincent D’Onoforio as Ed who eats the farmer and Rip Torn as Chief Zed. This movie was funny and had great action scenes. Of course, Will gave us a hit song with a catchy line. Do we expect anything less from him?

Best Television Show (scripted)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer– this started my love and obsession with supernatural shows. From this, I have grown to like Charmed, Angel and Joss Whedon, the creator. Buffy inspired a generation of ass-kicking chicks that can go to school,have a life and save the world at the same time. Who said we couldn’t multi-task? Not too sure on the supernatural relationship tho,seems like way to much heartache,you know people from past relationships from the 1800’s,traumatizing to say the least. But Buffy is and will always be a great scripted show in my eyes. The storylines were great. The cast looked great but ,most of all the action was never disappointing!

Best Unscripted Television Show
The Biggest Loser

#2: Proposed Nominees–this clips category was broken down in to 3 subcategories to compensate for the large number of nominees. We had to chose 10 nominees

Best Comedic Clip(SNL)
Bronx Beat
Dick in a Box
Mom Jeans
Coin Slot

Movie Clips
Shaun of the Dead: Girl in the Garden
Home Alone: Shopping
Robin Hood Men in Tights: Men in tights

TV Clips
30 Rock: Jenna on Hardball
Golden Globes 2009: 30 Rock Tina wins

Best Clip (non-comedy)(7 nominees)
Field of Dreams: People will come
The Presidential Inauguration: Obama’s Inauguration
Psycho: The Shower scene
The Usual Suspects: Interrogation
My Cousin Vinny: Expert Witness
The Usual Suspects: Keyser Soze Story
Scarface: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Toss your remote: Is cable and satellite TV becoming obsolete?

In today’s time of recession and economic whoas, things like cable and satellite are becoming something of a luxury that is NOT, needed anymore. I personally have been watching TV on the internet since my freshman year in college. Granted, it just started back then(which wasn’t very long ago) but it has completely advanced since then. I started with what is called an ed2k client and links. The links are used to denote files stored on a P2P network. The main client used is eMule. The typical ed2k link includes the filename and file size and looks like this

Typically,you go to a p2p site,search for a tv show,movie or software you would like to download,click on it and it will open up in the eMule client and start downloading. Now, in my experience, this takes a much longer time to download. Through my efforts, trial and error I came upon torrents. Torrents,in my opinion, are smaller files that can be downloaded to a torrent client, in a shorter time frame. Check this out about Torrents. There are MANY torrent sites and torrent clients. I chose uTorrent because it’s not a space hog. You can go through the list and find which ones you like and choose to your liking.

Since torrents,hundreds of sites have popped up that stream videos. I can go on for days about the number of sites that you can watch and catch up on your favorite TV show and/or classic TV shows and movies. You can check out my previous blogs 4 Quick watch to watch TV and movies online for free and Free ways to watch TV and movies online part 2. With these sites, you don’t really need cable or satellite because whatever airs,will ultimately be placed on torrent, ed2k or streaming sites the very next day! They are beneficial because most of them are ad free. I say MOST because the network sites, ABC, CBS,FOX etc. show ads on their players(just one commercial and in some cases,the same commercial over and over again). Keep in mind. TV is not completely dead even though studios and networks are airing their contents through things like Netflix and their own sites. The question is, Can you go without Cable TV even though what you watch on your TV set is readily available online?

Tipping your servers!

When you’ve worked in a restaurant, you realize that people either tip poorly or not at all,as appose to tipping really really well
(not often). This post is being created because I was talking to some friends earlier and one of them told me that Rachel Ray made some sort of comment about NOT tipping servers. I was completely blown away by this not because I am a HUGE fan of hers but because she should know better! For someone that goes out to eat regularly and, has a show about eating out for $40 a day(which after I got home I looked on the internet about this and apparently,she doesn’t tip well on the show either) and loves the service industry,you would think she has some sort of sympathy for the servers. I always wonder what people are thinking when they come to a restaurant that, opens at 11am, but comes at 10:30am, walk in and wonder why they haven’t been greeted. Really? Or people that sit where they want to sit when there are hosts that are HIRED to take you to a table that is assigned and say,”No. I want to sit here”. The poor host or server has to bite their tongue and say to a server that was to be sat,”Sorry, I didn’t sit you” when there is what people in the restaurant industry call a “server rotation”, which ensures everyone is sat!! What about people that camp out for 3 hours,watch a game and take up a table and say,” Don’t worry we’ll take care of you”. Game is over,get the check which is $175.67 and tip $9.00 or don’t tip at all.

I always say,”servers work for gratuity and not gratitude”. Praise and graciousness is wonderful but if you go to a restaurant, sit at a table and you are abrasive and rude to a server the moment they walk up, you can bet your house that you will get crappy service in return. You expect to be waited on hand and foot with whatever you want and desire and, they try to do their best. Now, on the other hand,if you are seated and you are treated poorly then, you tip accordingly…the norm is 15-20%. Another thing that is very annoying, is that each servers is allotted a certain amount of tables. They get to you as quickly as they can and when a person wants something prepared a certain way or needs certain things,yes…it slows down the service for the other tables. It is your discretion to tip how and what you want but a base of $2.13, as a pay, the tips are really important. Watch Waiting it’s true! This is from a friends group:

People Against People That Tip Under 20% of Their Bill in Restaurants

1. Tip less than 20% (unless server just doesn’t care for the customers)
2. Believe that a compliment such as “You did a great job!” counts as a tip. Sorry people, but compliments won’t pay my bills.
3. Are complete a$$holes to the server for no reason.
4. Blame the server for things he/she cannot control. (e.g. kitchen screwing up the order.)
5. Complain about every little thing possible. ( Haven’t you seen the movie “Waiting”??)
6. Sit at a table for hours, and then don’t tip accordingly.
7. Ask for a separate thing each time the server comes to the table. (Can’t they just ask for it all at once?)
8. Believe that we kiss a$$ for no reason.
9. Think they are better than you just because you are a server and they wear a tie to work.
10. Drink lots of alcohol, and then don’t tip. (We do have to tip out our bartender, you know?)
11. Ignore you when you are greeting the table.
12. Insist on sitting in a booth. (Since when does booth food taste better?)
13. Enter a restaurant with a party of 8 or more and expect to be sat right away.
14. Empty the salt/pepper/sugar/ketchup containers on the table and think it’s funny. (namely teenagers)
15. Can’t grasp the concept of “closed sections”
16. Come in at 3 minutes to closing time.
17. Come in at 3 minutes to closing time and then complain about their food taking too long and/or send their food back. (Once again, haven’t you seen “Waiting”?)
18. Come in before we open.
19. Come in and take their emotions out on their server.
20. Come in large groups, all order water, and only 1 or 2 eat. (Namely teenagers.)
21. Think that they are the server’s only table and they should be waited on hand-and-foot.
22. Have no considerations for other tables.
23. Interrupt the server while that server is at another table taking an order.
24. Snap their fingers or shake their empty glass at a server.
25. Discriminate against their server because of their sex. (i.e. When with a date, women are rude to female servers and men are ruder to male servers)
26. Get mad when there is a $0.50 charge for a side item. It’s 50 cents for Christ’s sake!!

etc., etc., etc…….

Also,check this video out,it’s funny